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I am planning a mini DXpedition to the Chatham Islands for 21-27 March 2013. This will be a PSK only operation (well almost, some 80 metre SSB at 08:00U)

Things are slowly coming together. My XYL has got excited and will be coming along, which will help greatly. The operation will be from the Ultimate Hideaway in Kiangaroa.

I hope to be using the call ZL7LC.

While researching the Chatham Island I came across another DXpedition. ZL7A should be operating during 1-7 Nov 2012. He states that he will be running PSK and the frequencies that he will be operational on. My experience with the recent 3D2C doesn't give me that much hope as they mainly ran RTTY and I never heard them on the PSK frequencies they listed.

You can find Hiro's November data at http://w1vx.net/pedition/zl7/2012ZL7.htm

Will keep you informed as things progress.



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