Steve W3HF

Dave -

Here's a transcript from Collegeville:

"QSL via K2PF K2Pe Hw copy ??? WB5NHL de 4K5D PSE Kn
iieds ted=I$nhoe o leeo tPteeug5o w«prpMgor u- n taed iŒ e /
oosto i ae lnt i a te ri2l a snoee ®astA>i ao-¤ mc Q o:T.o|
re¦n2pee Fum0ea5 watts 5 watts to Xtic dipol , Igor o TO 4K2D ee
SbYnhl nqtpko cAe Dt(eo .ye e r¤7:e ti S t lp e½WB5NHL de 4K5D
YOU NAME ??????? NAME ?????KNt ttowtoet Ö 7 oe -et na2wv
to dafi hDoötwvtd do evii t Ata a,it aoAt8eiavid ..."

So I was able to copy a bit of you. Of course I knew what to look for-
-5 watts to attic dipole, nhl, bits of david, etc.

But's he's in the log, and you're in his. That's what counts.


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