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Well, let's see...
I was there...started out at exactly 8:00 pm, worked a few. No QRN, no QSB, and no East Coast beyond Alabama.
Ended up calling "CQ 80m Sprint, any station anywhere". Stuck with that and worked a few stragglers that way.
Final QSO count at 1:00 am was over 30 q's and over 15 mult's. I pulled the plug as my pillow was screaming at me from the other room.
Thanks to everyone that I got to work and to the few that I just couldn't pull through.
Regardless of the number of Q's you made, please send your log in? It's a very good way to say to the contest staff, "Here's my log, I was there, and thanks!"

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Hi Adam
And I did about the same as you but I waited till about 10 my time and gave it a try.
Good gosh nobody was on.I finally made one contact confirmed and another that did not confirm.
What happened to everbody that was on the reflector all week talking about the sprint????
Robert Phelps Bob
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OK.I know that I haven't been too active lately in 070 events, or in PSK-31
either, as I have been somewhat distracted by DX hunting and contesting for
more than a few months, so some on here may wonder who this "new guy" is.
But, as you can see by my member number, I am not THAT new.. J

And so this 80M sprint comes along, and I think "what better
way to combine a little PSK, some contesting, and even fill in some holes in
my 80M WAS effort!". So I dreamed.I planned.I prepared.I built, tested, and
refined my contest macros. I was ready (I think)!

I got on the radio about an hour early and tried to work the NH8S station on
Swain's Island just to get the radio warmed up for a 6-hours of 80M joy..I
started up fldigi about 5 minutes before 2200 my local time hoping to see a
waterfall full of east coast traces, but alas there were none. Maybe they
were just waiting for my 2200 to roll around before they flooded my screen?

So the clock turns 2200, and I start calling CQ..amazingly,
there were no replies! I thought everyone was waiting for me before the
party started?? Guess I was wrong..SO here is where the good news/bad news
comes in..

Good News? I got to share my waterfall with Milt, N6MG (and even log him!)

Bad News? With the exception of a brief cameo appearance by Jose, WT6X,
Milt was the ONLY one I saw.for 45 whole minutes!

So with a morning full of soccer games, followed by a full day of work, I
gave up..

But I guess I still get a sticker??? J


Adam, K7FLI #1310

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