Hi everybody,
After a few very successful days of operation by Fred, W0PE, it's my turn.
I'll be cruising up the mountain tomorrow morning and hope to be on the air by noon, Pacific time. I'll be there until Friday afternoon. I'm not sure what our plans are for next week. As Fred and I are both retired, our long term planning is about 6 hours.
If you've made contact with our club's APE station this year, we're glad you're in the log! Feel free to stop by and give me a signal report and say hello again. We actually encourage dupe's!
If we haven't worked you yet, we're waiting for your call!
As far as what bands I'll be working, I intend to follow the propagation. 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m during the day and 30m, 40m and 75m at night. Whatever band I see the most traces on is where I'll try to concentrate.
I'm sorry we don't have the internet as we've had in the past but if you need to contact me for a band request, etc, please email Fred via his QRZ.com email address and he can contact me via a 70 cm link we have there.
Milt - N6MG - 070-650
Trustee - W6QP - 070-1454
Southern California Amateur Radio Digital Club

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