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Karen and other CW aficionados, I got to thinking about it, and I think the absolute most difficult cw call I've ever heard was H44VV, ("Hotel 44 Victor Victor"), my friend Vladimir.
He usually honks along at 30 - 35 wpm.-----
I listened...and listened and listened with no joy.
I called some of my posse members on a local repeater: K6EY, W6KK, K5KT, N6HC. We listened and combined we got it in about 5 minutes.
I truly think the only reason we got it is because one of the hams working him, went back with both Vlad's and his call at a slower speed.
I dunno...I guess I really pulled that out of my 'way-back' machine.

Anyway, Scott, AA0AA, welcome to the club!
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It’s also a catchy CW call. Kinda long, but easy to copy. Welcome Scott. 73 – Karen W4KRN


What a great call. Even I can remember that one.

Welcome aboard and hope to see you in the WF.

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Pse welcome new 070 Club member Scott AA0AA #1550...73 de Jay N3DQU

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