Re: WTW checker & xls workbook

David Westbrook

you're probably right about date format ... it's expecting dates & times
like 20120701 and 234544.
If it's still an issue, email me directly and attach your workbook, and
i'll take a look.

But as milt said, the online endorsement checker will auto-load the Q's for
you (and automatically put them in the most advantageous slot). Here's my
progress as an example:


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 3:25 PM, Paul Milward <> wrote:


I downloaded the WTW checker and hand-loaded 17 Qs. I must be doing
wrong. I put the data in the appropriate columns and when I hit ENTER
loading a callsign the purple column on the far left says "BAD DATE". I
changing date joy.
Paul, NU4C

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