Re: WTW checker & xls workbook


May I say something?
Good and thanks.
What do I do? I run my log through David's KJ4IZW Award Checker.
I then go to the WTW page after my log is through running.
That gives me a completed report named "070-WTW.xls"
You can review it, print all or any part of it, SAVE IT, AND when you've completed an Award segment, you can email it to me!
Great system! Very simple and it makes paper work easier for everybody.
Of course, as with the WOTMC that I also check the logs for, I'm a volunteer and will accept and review any log that is sent, regardless of the format, (except .adi., farsi or poshtu.)
Just my opinion, and thanks to David, once again, for a super contribution to the Club!
W T W Boss
WOTMC Log Checker

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I downloaded the WTW checker and hand-loaded 17 Qs. I must be doing something
wrong. I put the data in the appropriate columns and when I hit ENTER after
loading a callsign the purple column on the far left says "BAD DATE". I tried
changing date joy.
Paul, NU4C

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