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2,233 contacts is the minimum, if everything fits perfectly in place.
Refer to David's Scoring tool. There's a link on the W T W portion of the 070 Club website.
It has a complete breakdown by letter, etc.
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I know there are some math wiz's in the group.
What is the minimum number of QSO's required to earn all the WTW arwards?


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Hi Ivor,

Yes - you can use a single QSO for WOTMC and WTW credit. They are separate endorsements/awards.

The WTW FAQs have been modified to say this.

Thanks for asking - good question OM!

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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hi pskers.
dear committee.
can I work w.t.w and w.o.t.m together.
in other words m5ply. p for w.o.t.m and
p for w.t.w.
73 ivor/m5ply/0292

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