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Now that W T W is properly launched, I'll be pursuing the Low Band Sprints like a bulldog chasing a cat!
After all, there are only 363 letter "A's" in W T W, and I have to start someplace!
BTW, there are 72 letter "M's".
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Hot on the heels of Milt's Work the World (WTW) announcement comes the first of three low band contests - the 40-meter Firecracker Sprint. This is not only a great opportunity to compete in a contest, but also to pick up some new call signs toward the new WTW endorsement (only callsigns logged after July 1, 2012, count for WTW, so this is the first 070 sponsored contest since the endorsement's inception).

As are all of the three Low Band Sprints, this contest is 6 hours in length, and starts at 8:00 p.m. YOUR LOCAL TIME on July 7th (next Saturday). The contest runs through 2:00 a.m. July 8th YOUR LOCAL TIME (next Sunday). I had to shout there because there's always confusion about the rolling start, and rather than explaining things clearly, I'd rather just raise my voice. Well, that's what my kids say....

Seriously, the contest starts when your clock says it's 8:00 p.m. on July 7th, and ends at 2:00 a.m. on the 8th for everyone. We don't run it using UTC. Why? Because we try to equalize band conditions between time zones. As the low bands are generally better at night, it wouldn't be fair if someone had to compete in daylight. I know it raises some issues, such as: What if you're on PDT and you work someone on EDT before the contest starts in your time zone? Can you claim the point, and what about the other station? Well, if you want to work stations before your contest time, that's fine. Unfortunately for you, you get no contest credit. Fortunately for the other station, they get credit for their QSO with you (but may be reluctant to work you later as you'll be a dupe in their log).

This is a fun contest because certificates are given out by time zones and power classes, so you only compete with those in your time zone running a similar level of power. There are three recognized power classes: QRP (<5 Watts), Low (<50 Watts) and Medium (< 100 Watts).

The complete rules may be found at:

73, and I hope to catch many of you on the waterfall next weekend.

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