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Mike Flowers

Hi Joe,

It is indeed – and that’s just grid squares such as CM97. When we get down to the sub-square level, say CM97bf, there are 24 X 24 = 576 sub-squares in each grid square and the calculation becomes:

(324 X 100 X 576) X .292 = 5,449,420.8, estimated six-designator grid squares containing some land. Now given that the grid squares are of regular geometric shape and the coastlines are essentially fractals, I would add 10% to this number to account for those sub-squares where a bit of land might be included in an otherwise empty sub-square.

This would bring my estimate up to 5,994,363 – plus 5,637 for all the little islands sprinkled around the globe and I’ll say 6 million sub-squares probably contain some land.

The WAMSSCL ( Worked All Maidenhead Sub-squares Containing Land) Endorsement? That would be really, really big !!


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That's really big Mike.

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Let's see: 32,400 grid squares (of the CM97 variety), and 29.2% of the earth's surface is land, so 32,400 X .292 = 9,986.4 squares with land ... more or less.

-- Mike Flowers, K6MKF
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Just out of curiosity, how many grid squares, over land, are there?
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No I think that we find out first and youz guys have to wait until it goes all the way around again. HI HI HI .

Maybe we'll all know when the grayline passes the International Dateline. I'm still holding out for Maidenheads.

Toungue really in cheek!


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hi pskers.
not long for the Biiiiiig one now.
will the u.k and Europe know first????
I say this because of the time differents.
it will be midnight here, but not in the u.s.a.
so will members how live in this part of the
world, get emails of the Biiig event hi hi.
tongue in cheek. 73 ivor m5ply 0292.

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