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I'll be doing FD, mobile as we're headed home. I'll make a few Q's on psk31 and slide down to 40 cw and look for ya'll. Please excuse my not having a cw key, so it's either using the up and down buttons on my IC-7000 hand mic, or setting up a special macro for W4GJ. I don't have my cans for receiving either, so I'll be operating cw for as long as Sandy will tolerate the noise & my laptop battery holds out.
Thanks for your work with the June Endorsements! It's a monumental task for sure as our group grows and especially the growth of our international members.
Vy 73 es gl at fd,
dit dit

On 06/18/12, Charlie Trice, K8IJ<> wrote:

Greetings all,

First, the good news: I stopped by the Alexandria, KY Post Office this morning and bought a big pile of stamps for the June Endorsements mailing. The plan is to mail everything out on the 27th of June.

Now, the bad news: the LONP and Endorsements Departments are going to be offline for the next week. The main reason is a business trip. But it's compounded by a side trip to go work Field Day CW on 40M with my amigo W4GJ in NFL.

I'll catch up in time for everything to get mailed on the 27th.

Y'all have a great (and safe) FD. Stop by on 40M CW if you have a chance. Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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