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Rumors are rampant, and I'm seeing them all!
Sooooooo, rumor has it that it's bigger than the Friendship Award. If bigger than that, then my "way back" machine is telling me it could be bigger then the Novice Roundup! Remember that one? As Old Milt, WN5YQK, I finished my WAS as a novice all on a 40m coaxial dipole, with a detuned Swan 350 into a Murch UT-2000 tuner.
Back to the current century, I suppose we'll know soon enough.
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On 06/16/12, igwt1939<> wrote:

I think I have posted this before but years ago ARRL had a thing going called Friend Ship Award.
You had to work the whole alphabet using the last letter of their call.It didn't have to be in order but you also had to have a short conversation and also save that.
Of course it was using code then. I recieved my certificate a month after it started.
I would like to see something like that again but now of course using BPSK
Thats my 2 cents worth.
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How 'bout doing the entire alphabet for a " WOTM-type" Award! hi

Delos (still without my Transceiver!) :<(
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On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 3:10 PM, wrote:
How about supercalifragilisticexpealdocious as the WOTM!!! HI HI

That's big!

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I thought about that! But Mark always seems to dig into his bag of
mixology secrets and pulls out a proper libation.
I'm thinking it may be something like the WOTMC, but BIGGER. I don't
We'll just have to be patient which is not a strong point with me. Hi
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On 06/16/12, boat.anchor<
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Maybe they are going to announce our barkeep has a new assistant due to
demand being so high?
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Milton Garb <n6mg@...> wrote:

Hi Barry, No body said anything about it being an operating event or
contest, but then no body has said that isn't. But, I have my
suspicions that's it's going to be really really big! I know from
previous experience that Charlie &/or Jay won't announce who the
"Boss", or "Log Checker" is going to be until the 1st of July when
"IT" is announced. Ya just gotta love a mystery! Milt. N6MG 070-650
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On 06/15/12, boat.anchor<boat.anchor@...> wrote:

Sounds like it will coincide with Canada Day. 2012 RAC CANADA DAY
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"w6qe.milt" <n6mg@> wrote:

"Enquiring minds want to know..." I've noticed a message on the 070
Club website on the scrolling banner, "(And something new is coming
soon...)", and a count down clock that appears to be targeting July
1st. Hmmmmm...anyone have any idea of what's about to happen?
Hmmmmm...Our leadership building a little suspense for us?
Hmmmmm...this is going to be good! Milt. N6MG 070-650 LONP #76


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