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David M (AJ4TF)

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I'm sure this will start a war, but I don't think this is the right way to do it. I guess everyone has their opinions.
What I meant was, I believe the method described in the video above is correct, and the method described below is not.

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After reading all the posts on the above topic, I started to re-adjust my levels.
Made a couple contacts with folks who said my sig was good, but could not raise
VK or ZL land.
So, after attempting all this, I decided to look at the PODXS file's to see if there was a tutorial
on adjusting levels. VE3OIJ posted one, and it indicated that the way I had been running my levels were correct. i.e. RF power out (on the xmitter) to 100% (100Watts).
I adjusted my Signalink TX level to 20 Watts, as measured on my Wattmeter. Note: My RF out is still set at 100%. My IMD Meter reads -34 db.
I am calling CQ on 20mMeters right now, so if my sig is bad please let me know now.
Because I will be doing the TDW thing in a couple hrs.
TU & 73, Larry WA7HDZ #404


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