Re: self-jamming fixed


If this fixes it, the length of your cord doesn't matter.
I have a wall wart somewhere in my shack that's killing me on 30 meters. I have a 500 hZ wide band of qrn that I can visably see as it moves back and forth across my waterfall.
Maybe I'll get around to solving that situation someday. It isnt really something I can hear and it isnt a problem on cw. It just obliterates any trace it crosses on its journey back and forth.
I'm looking for you on 5 bands this weekend, and don't forget to check your log against the WOTMC for May. This is a good weekend to do the entire phrase.
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I bought a 100' extension cord (overkill but no clue which of these plugs in this 90 year old house are on the same line) and plugged it into another room. Now when I plug in the computer it doesn't generate noise on 20M (although 20M is VERY noisy at the moment - I'm not doing it to myself).


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