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OK Dan.  I'll be looking fer ya.

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Subject: [070] whoot!
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Date: Monday, May 21, 2012, 6:51 PM


 John - great eyeball QSO over lunch today - nice to meet you in person.

   N6ERD in CT until just over a week from now, I've been stranded without an PSK interface for a month.  Today I finally started going through boxes I left here last year and now I remember why I bought a new interface in CA - I had left my old one here!
   Too late to work Yemen on RTTY but plenty of time for TDW and to hand out LONP numbers to all of you eastern PSKers who normally don't make the trip to my meager antenna in CA.
   Gotta run tonight - made one contact with CUBA so I know it's
   So John, that means we have to do a sked so you get me in the books for your LONP, plus I'd like to have you in the log!  (AND it fits with the 070 rules since it is MY station at MY (other) house :)
N6ERD (/1 for another week)

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