TDW Favorite Drink #1


Having my rooooots in New Orleans, I've downed more than a few of these. The origin is at Pat O'Brians in the French Quarter:
Gather the ingredients.
1) 1 oz vodka
2) 1 oz gin
3) 1 oz light rum
4) 1/2 oz 151 proof rum (Bunderburg from Australia is my fav)
5) 1 oz amaretto almond liqueur
6) 1 oz triple sec
7) grapefruit juice
8) pineapple juice
9) grenadine syrup
If you've followed me this far, this next step is way important: Add items 1 - 6 to a 12" tall glass hurricane lamp fixture over finely crushed ice. Layer them. Don't mix or stir. It's pretty all layered, but on the 2nd and subsequent drinks, you can't see the layers anyway.
TOSS OUT items 7 - 9...right down the sink.
Enjoy your pillow sooner after one or more of these.
If I could just get Chuck, N2EOC to try a few maybe I could win!
LONP #76

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