Re: dayton check-in?

Charlie Trice, K8IJ <ctrice@...>

I fear not, OM Barry - sorry.

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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Do we have an endorsement for the Hamvention wannabe's

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Good evening all...
The Feld Hell Club is on the north end of the flea market area, and the best way to look for it is the "Don't tread on me" yellow flag up about 25 feet. We did have a few PODXS070 check ins, the stickers will not be awarded at the Hamvention but this list will be given to Karen and then Charlie who handle that part of it.
My thanks to all who stopped by today and hope to see many more tomorrow.
VY73 de Joe KJ8O PODXS070 #1244 es FH2944

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I found it in the flea market, due south of the arena, about halfway
back to the rear. Didn't catch the spot number. 73 de KX8C Jim

On 05/18/2012 04:33 PM, David Westbrook wrote:

Joe KJ8O -- Where's the Feld Hell Club booth? I was looking for it today
to sign in, but couldn't find it (and it's not listed in the program).

Art K0ACP -- count me in for dinner!


first day report -- first hamfest for me, and Dayton is living up to the
stories/expectations I'd heard about it! Did a lot of wandering around
today, and i'm sure i'll see all new stuff tomorrow ....
2 eyeball QSO's so far:
* randomly saw KD8BIN (070 #806) callsign hat and said hello ... Though
I actually don't have a LONP contact with him (recognized the call from
JT65 qso's).
* Stopped by tokyo high power booth and chatted with W5KAM (070 #700),
who I do have in the log...
Looking forward to meeting more members tomorrow!

070 #1041

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