dayton check-in?

David Westbrook

Joe KJ8O -- Where's the Feld Hell Club booth? I was looking for it today
to sign in, but couldn't find it (and it's not listed in the program).

Art K0ACP -- count me in for dinner!


first day report -- first hamfest for me, and Dayton is living up to the
stories/expectations I'd heard about it! Did a lot of wandering around
today, and i'm sure i'll see all new stuff tomorrow ....
2 eyeball QSO's so far:
* randomly saw KD8BIN (070 #806) callsign hat and said hello ... Though
I actually don't have a LONP contact with him (recognized the call from
JT65 qso's).
* Stopped by tokyo high power booth and chatted with W5KAM (070 #700),
who I do have in the log...
Looking forward to meeting more members tomorrow!

070 #1041

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