Re: awards

David Westbrook

Bill -- I am obviously biased :) but the easiest way is to use the KJ4IZW
070 Endorsement Checker:

Which i see you already did (but i recommend using ADIF from your logger,
e.g. DXKeeper, HRD, etc) instead of eqsl). Then you can click on completed
endorsements, and simply copy/paste the QSO data (it gives the exact qso's
from your log with the relevant info) to an email to the specific
endorsement manager.

Any questions/issues with the checker, just let me know & i'm happy to help.

070 #1041

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 12:58 PM, ab9qu <> wrote:


I am confused about how to apply for awards. It says no adi files so what
format do they want? I looked on the website but I don't get it. Thanks.
Bill ab9qu

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