Re: Discussion Topic: What's your rarest confirmed PSK31 DX contact?

Daniel Severance

For me was probably VP6TD - not a big deal for many of you but I was a brand new ham still working off the old low dipole - that was my 4th month after getting on HF and 7th month as a ham.  I thought I had worked N8S on PSK31 but that one didn't confirm (did see a suspicious confirmation for N6ED) - just the two RTTY contacts and SSB - that was 2 months on HF and my low dipole made what should have been easy, hard!)

Just under 1 year later, XU7TCG was a tough one given my antenna/location!


P.S. Sounds like I may have a place to operate at least a part of this weekend's EU PSK DX contest (club meeting and a drive to RI during part of it!) - likely either be under my call or W1AN.

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