Re: Discussion Topic: What's your rarest confirmed PSK31 DX contact?

Steve W3HF

Wow, I'm really late to this conversation. So a lot of what I have has already been mentioned (S2, VK0TH, 5Z4, C3, V7, VQ9 on PSK not RTTY, VP6TD, P2). And I'm drooling over some of the ones I DIDN'T get (3D2 Conway, H4 Temotu, VK9CI Cocos-Keeling).

But here are some that haven't been mentioned yet:

- 3DA0FC a few weeks ago
- The big 3D2R Rotuma DXped
- JX5O to Jan Mayen (they did a little PSK63)
- FO/F6CTL on Marquesas
- 7P8CF
- Z21LS
- VI9NI Norfolk (VK9NS was pretty common on other modes, but the VI9NI DXped made exactly 6 PSK QSOs. See

Regarding rarity, as it's been said, it's all a matter of perspective. After over 1000 QSOs from KH2 over two trips, I can say it's a lot harder to get Connecticut in the log there than it is even an XV.

Regarding other DXpeds, watch for anything by Lot and Babs, DJ7JG and DL7AFS. They make a lot of exotic trips and Babs loves to operate PSK; she was the V21 and VK9CI calls above (and lots of others too). She's also a great QSLer. And occasionally we'll get lucky when a DXped uses PSK even though they haven't advertised it--like my 3D2R, JX5O and VI9NI QSOs.

Regarding the big DXpeds using PSK, I really think we (the PSK community) do ourselves a disservice in the way we operate. I'm sure most of you remember my sarcastic "how to work DX" post from a few weeks ago. But that problem has existed for years. For example, after I posted the VI9NI spot six years ago, I posted a followup

that explained the "rest of the story." (I didn't have Internet access at the time, and actually made a long-distance phone call to my wife, who made the post to the 070 reflector for me.) But also in that followup was:

- a discussion on the short macros to use when working a DXped
- a reference to a "letter to PSK operators" from a prominent DXpeditioner that I had posted in March 2003. (His complaint was long brag files.)
- references to two postings to the 070 club reflector (from ZL3JT and me) from Feb 2002 regarding an earlier DXpedition (PW0T) that tried to use PSK and abandoned it because of poor operating. (Our postings focused on how to work split.)

Finally, stay tuned. I have another possible trip, and hope to put it on PSK in many logs, just as I did from KH2.


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