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Dear all,
Please forgive the off-topic post !

I introduce it to all of you of "070 CLUB", about Japan Ham Fair 2002.
This was held in Tokyo on August 24 and 25th. Please observe it with
this URL for details.
I introduce the Web about the photograph of the booth of "JARTS"
that I am a member.
JA1JDD who are the chairman of JARTS and I in this photograph are.
And, back my "The Membership Certificate" and the introduction sentence
have been put up on the wall.
I expect that many participants were seeing this and I hope to get to know
existence of "070 CLUB."

73 de Ken JA9LX
Hey Ken, very fine business! Those old teletypes look beautiful, I can
almost smell the hot oil hi! Thanks for showing your 070 Club certificate, we
could sure use some more members fm JA-land! Domo arigato om es 73 de Jay

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