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Karen Russo

I am unable to go this year, so I won’t be there to have fun with you all. We have been meeting
at the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Dayton, you may still have time to make reservations
for a small party there. Since Joe KJ8O will be tailgating, maybe he can get 070 members to sign
in for the Dayton Eyeball endorsement or at an 070 dinner meeting if you want to arrange one.

Hope to be there next year. 73 – Karen W4KRN

So, I'm headed to Dayton, is there going to be a dinner on Saturday evening?

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Any other 070 members going to dayton?? (i assume there are!)

Forum details were posted the other day ...

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Way to go, David

This year will make my sixth time, and am looking forward to it.

On a slightly OT issue, the Feld Hell Club will be making our presence
there as well, so if you can, please stop by both.

VY 73 de Joe KJ8O PODXS070 #1244 and FHC #2944

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I'm going to my first ham fest!! it's this obscure one in ohio
somewhere in ohio ... "dayton"

i remember listserv postings in the past of 070 gatherings at dayton
... I'm assuming there's a contingent this year, too? looking
forward to meeting some fellow members!

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