I want to let all of you know that the certificates from the TARA PSK Rumble
2002 - "The Spring Wake-Up" are now complete, and they will be mailed out by
Monday, possibly even earlier. Personally, I think the certificates look very
distinctive and they will certainly look well in any hamshack! I hope those
of you that receive them will appreciate the work that went into them and
that you'll show them off proudly.

Please keep in mind that the certificates and the TARA hats will be mailed
independently. So, if you are one of the lucky ones that should receive both
awards please give them a few days to get your way! As I said everything will
be mailed NO LATER than Monday afternoon!

This contest TARA will mail ALL of the certificates in specially designed
mailing pouches to protect them from getting damaged in shipping. I hope
you'll agree that we've taken ever precaution to make sure your certificate
comes to your mailbox in one piece! I'll be willing to bet there are not many
other organizations doing this for you! These mailing pouches do add an
extra amount of cost to our contest efforts but we believe it's well worth
the added expense.

I think you should know there are a few folks from TARA and friends of TARA
that should be acknowledged for all they do to make these Rumbles a total

First, there is our Contest Manager, Ed Eades, KC2HNC, ( kc2hnc@... )
who joined the Rumble Team this year and he's been an excellent addition to
the team. Ed has a lot of refreshing ideas and his enthusiasms is very nice
to see.

Next, we have Karen Smith, KB2UUC ( ksmithkb2uuc@... ), our Vice
President of TARA. Karen is one of the most supporting VP's a club president
could ever have. She is ALWAYS the first one to volunteer for
everything/anything she can assist with. She is responsible for "ALL" of the
certificates getting mailed out and the hats too! It was her suggestion this
contest that we use the new mailing pouches to protect everyone's awards.

Then we have Joe Pasquini, N2NOU ( jpasquin@... ). He is the guy
that gets all the results ALL TO LATE and is asked to please print the
certificates up immediately! Joe is a great supporter and ALWAYS gives us his
best and we believe you'll agree when you see your certificate.

Last but not least, we have Ernie Mills, WM2U ( emills@... ). He is
the soul creator of the PSK Rumble and he makes sure things go off without a
hitch. How in hell he does all this is still a mystery to me, but he does!
He also does "ALL" the web page postings/updates entirely by himself. Every
contest Ernie is the one that gets all of the press releases out and he
personally answers 100's of e-mails every week about PSK in general and the
TARA Rumble. When it comes to the "Rules & Regulations" again that is Ernie's
bag, he constantly reviews them and looks for new ways to better the contest.

I hope "ALL" of you will take time to personally thank these individuals for
their efforts. You'll note that I've included their e-mail addresses for you.
They never ask for a single thing in return for all they give but I think
they deserve to hear from you! Don't you think it's the proper thing to do?

The next Ruble is just a few weeks away and I hope you'll be joining us once
again. You can find the full "Rules & Regulations" at www.qsl.net/wm2u/
There is a special request I have for all of you. In the past we have had a
lot of chatter/banter between the members of the various teams under the
"Team Challenge". However, this contest I ask you to please leave all that
chatter/banter on the TARA NEWS GROUP and PLEASE DO NOT congest the "070 News
Group" or others with the added e-mails. In the past our emails have added
unneeded congestion to the other news groups and they need the space for
normal everyday postings. PLEASE don't get the idea that we don't want you
folks to give one another the "heat" especially when it's all in the good
sprit of the contest!! We just ask you to keep all those e-mails for the TARA
NEWS GROUP at PSK-TARA@... or come join the news group at

Thank You!
Bill Eddy NY2U
President of Troy ARA

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