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Yep I was one of those. I saw you faintly a few times but just too weak to work.
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Subject: [070] Re: W3HF/KH2 now QRT
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 5:16 PM


And one supplement, which I should have mentioned last night:

My apologies to those who wanted to work me and couldn't, either because of propagation or my work schedule, or because I just couldn't hear you. I wish I had had more time at the station, and that I could have picked my work schedule based on propagation. Unfortunately, they paid the bills so they set my priorities.

Now to the airport...


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It's 2am, and my flight is in the morning. I've finally grown tired of fighting the pileups when no one pays attention. (I think Barry was probably listening to me yell at them.)

Between last September's trip and this one, I think I have almost exactly 1000 QSOs in the log. About 990 of them are PSK31, one RTTY, and the rest PSK63. (Those other modes were on request.)

Logs will eventually make their way to eQSL and LoTW. Paper QSL cards are available.

Thanks to all for the fun of being chased. And special thanks to the ~10 members for whom these KH2 contacts were our first 070 contacts.

Now to sleep, and then ~20 hours in planes and airports tomorrow.

73 de W3HF/KH2 QRT

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