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Charlie Trice, K8IJ <cctrice@...>

Dear Jay (AA8QQ),

Please pardon the lengthy delay in answering your email. I was away on
family and business trips.

My very first reaction to your unique question was, "What? Are you crazy?
Absolutely not!"

Off the reflector I got many personal comments from other members. Among

"contacts with non-members do not count ..."

"A valid QSO is one made via PSK31 mode on the HF bands
between two 070 Club members .." --emphasis on the word TWO.

"this award will encourage members to work each other using
PSK31." Emphasis on the words "each other."

"All in all, a nice try, but no cigar."

And one making reference to the inmates not taking their medication...

So - I'll now say this: "What? Are you crazy? Absolutely not!"

And we'll come up with a rule change so that everything is perfectly clear.

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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Chas K8IJ,
Today my nephew KC8PHI worked PSK31 from my home station as KC8PHI/AA8QQ.
went to his QTH and worked PSK mobile as AA8QQ/M.

My question is this, since I worked AA8QQ (070 Club number 032) would this
qualify as me working station AA8QQ for LONP?

My logic is as follows (Mr. Spock agrees):

If a non 070 club member was to work from USS Pampanito (a member station
with an 070 Club number) and they worked an 070 club member who was
on LONP, that would count for the 070 club member chasing LONP, right?
by the same token, if someone works my station (also an 070 Club member
station) even though it's another op, say in a contest, that should also
count for them toward LONP, right?

So, how about in my case?

Jay - AA8QQ

No helping him out of this one Steve W3HF

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