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Good post! My problem is I run a Jupiter and it has no meter, the ALC is a light, on SB its supposed to flicker, however on PSK I have not found much to tell where things shud be set.
When I was a newbie I was told, on the zair, to run my power out to maximum (100 Watts) and back the power down to 25-30 Watts using the soundcard. I have a few e-mails stating the light shud be 'on' another says it shud be 'off' and still one that says it shud 'flicker'.
I shud add I get good reports ie 599 all the time, only once I was told my signal was bad, and worked Africa QRP. (Power out 100 watts, Signalink adjusted so Wattmeter read 5 watts.)
So, if you see me on, and don't like the looks of my signsl, Please e-mail me.
I don't want to be "The skunk at the digital party", to steal a phrase. Tnx agn Jim.
Larry WA7HDZ #404

From: Jim Rogers <>
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 2:27 PM
Subject: [070] Proper adjustment of audio levels for transmit

I am increasingly running across stations that are over-driving their transmitters. When I can copy a signal at 3 points in the filter passband, that is a problem. And the distortion on an over-driven signal often makes the signal difficult to copy or un-copiable.

1) When transmitting using USB (Upper Sideband) and audio input via the mic jack, adjust the audio drive to a point just below the ALC kicking in. And remember your PSK-31 audio is going through the same speech processor settings as you mic audio, so turn off speech processing and/or compression.

2) If you have a DATA mode, i.e. the Elecraft K3, using the LINE IN connection, set the audio level (MIC) to 4 bars of ALC. Then adjust PWR to the appropriate power output level. LINE IN in most rigs by-passes any speech processing and/or compression.

3) Do not be offended if someone gives you a bad report, check your audio drive. An over-driven signal is bad for everyone, and indicates a lack of skill on the part of the operator.

73s Jim, W4ATK


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