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Jim K5SP

Scotty, I think that list originated during my tour. The BritRep at the
time would not let us get a VQ9 call. I dont think he knew how, as it
was shortly after the Seychelles separated from Brit Empire. I was there
1976-77 as Tech Control Supervisor, then to Training PO for the
Commsta/Chief Op of the Mars Station. (our CO was island commander, and
we took it over from the CB's then and put me over there). First thing I
did was shut down the station, took down and cleaned/tightened loose
elements on the antlers, and aligned all the gear. That 90 foot
freestanding tower was erected on my watch there. Once we got that
thing up with all that height and those elements, we could hear stations
from all over. A friend of mine K6JMZ was a warrant ham that was there
at the same time I was. We had a ball, and had some no qsl lists also.

Jim K5SP

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Wish I had said that!

I spent a year on Diego Garcia, operating as WB6EWH/VQ9, and have
been on the
other end of DX pileups. Occasionally I would get so frustrated that
I would
just walk away from the rig.

One time, because the roar of callsigns coming out of the speaker (I
could not
determine a single callsign), I got up, went and got a cup of
coffee, came back
to the rig, and the roar was still going. Repeated requests on how
to speed up
the contact rate were ignored. There were some hams in the U.S. that
I just
would not work because of their rude, aggressive behavior.

What was neat for me was an afternoon get-together of stations in
Diego Garcia, Guam, Northwest Cape, and occasionally some other rare
dx for a
rag chew net among us.

Please be courteous, listen to the dx station, and follow HIS rules.
Unless you
have been on the other end, you have no concept of how difficult it
is to work
pileups when no one listens to your requests.

Just my .02

Jim, K5SP
Wow Jim, Talk about bringing back memories. Former VQ9RS (Aug-Dec
1980) I had the same issues. I used to rag Chew with a ZS, A9 and A6
back in the day. It was amazing how many Rude ops would break the pile
when we just wanted to chat.

Did they have the BAD List still there? We used to keep a list of Dont
ever QSL at the 2 operating stations. We compared the log to that list
(Time consuming if you ran a pile) but before I sent the logs to my
manager Id check the list. I also Noted bad OPS in my log and Lyle
(N6BLN) my manager would send the card back with a note that stated
due to your poor operating practices you would not be getting a card
and that you had made the VQ9 Do not QSL list. Amazing the long
appolgy letters we got.

Anyway, I would always start my piles with a Rule list of what I
expected. If those rules were not followed I would leave. It was
amazing after a couple days of that how the Word got around the DX
nets of the 80s that when I was on you best follow the rules or I
would quit.

Yea I was a jerk, but my Work Rates were 10-15 a minute :).

Scotty W7PSK

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