Re: Tips on how to work DX from a DX station

Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

Hi Steve and the group,
5. Ignore me if I ask you to work split. That's really so everyone ELSE will get out of YOUR way.

I wished more DXpeditions would use split frequencies when working PSK31. I can say that there are always a few "tailgaters" who do not realize that they may be interfering with a call intended for someone else.  This happened to me a few times this year, once when the tailgaters were finished, all I saw on the waterfall was "KJ8O de XXXXXX pse KN".
And I am guilty of it too, but I think if we all work together, more people will get their chance to work the DX stations.
Ok, I'll step down from the soapbox....
Thanks for the great job you're doing, Steve.
VY 73 de Joe KJ8O 1244

And I am guilty of it too

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