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I use MixW, and use the K1PGV stand alone macro's as a supplement to the 12 MixW icons. I have the stand alone macro program installed in different places on my hard drive as well as in the main MixW folder which gives me the ability to have several copies running for contests, band changing, different psk and qpsk speeds as well as macro's just for quick exchanges for rtty dx and psk dx, etc.
Works for me.

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That's the way to do it. I also use a short and long version and I customize the short one for the particular DX/Test that I am working.

It works much better that way for the DX,contact and all those of us waiting in the queue.

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It seems like it would good practice for anyone who's a regular on PSK to have two macros preprogrammed. (I'm using the DM780 format for these, but it should be easy to translate to other programs)

1. Answer the DX:
<his:callsign> de <my:callsign> <my:callsign> <my:callsign> k<stop>
or even just
de <my:callsign> <my:callsign> <my:callsign> k<stop>

2. Give a report and get out of the way:
<his:callsign> 599 599 TU 73 de <my:callsign> SK<add-log><stop>

Two macros, and you've answered the DX, given him a report, wished him well, and added the QSO to your log, all in the space of 60 seconds. Even if you don't normally chase DX, if someday you see Bhutan CQing on the waterfall and decide to give them a call, you'll be ready. And you won't have to frantically type by hand or subject the rest of us in the pileup (and the DX) to your normal macro with city/state, grid square, etc.


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After a week of being semi-rare DX, I offer the following suggestions, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

1. When you are responding to my CQ, repeat MY callsign at least 2 or 3 times, so I know you're responding to me.

2. If I respond to someone else, go ahead and call me again, because I probably didn't hear you correctly and surely I MEANT to call YOU.

3. Feel free to give me your name, QTH and signal report when you first call me, instead of waiting to see if I respond to you. After all, it might save YOU a few seconds; it doesn't matter if you waste my time or QRM other stations.

4. When I give you a quick signal report only, make sure you use your regular "response" macro that welcomes me to your screen, tells me all your QTH details (like your county), your equipment information (OS version, how much RAM in your computer, what microphone and headset you use), and your license history. After all, I probably want to know all that even if I just want a short QSO.

5. Ignore me if I ask you to work split. That's really so everyone ELSE will get out of YOUR way.

6. You can also ignore me if I ask you to repeat just your callsign. Just use your 3x3 macro.

7. When the QSO is over, please use your usual macro that not only thanks me but hopes to see me again, wishes me good luck and good DX, and sends greetings to my family, my cats, my neighbors and the mailman. After all, courtesy is important.

8. Don't forget to tell me YOUR QSL policy, because I will surely want YOUR card.

9. Once I say 73 to you and move on to another CQ or QRZ?, make sure you send your own 73, bye bye, and greetings to me. I really want to hear that, not the next guy calling me.

Seriously, all these things happened to me at least once this week. And it's frustrating as can be when my objective is to put as many callsigns in my log as I can. So here's the real list:

1. Don't use your regular ragchewing macros to work a DXpedition. What, you don't have any others? Either make some, or skip the macros completely.

2. Emphasize using your own call, not the DX station's. He already knows his call; he needs to hear yours.

3. Don't give him more info than he gives you. If he wants a quickie QSO, oblige him. If you don't like quickie QSOs, then skip it completely instead of forcing your protocols on him. Or wait until you find a DX station that WANTS to ragchew.

4. Once he moves on, don't transmit any more UNLESS he logged you incorrectly.

5. Follow his instructions. Exactly, to the best of your ability. Because he'll expect you to if you want to get in his log.


W3HF/KH2 (for 6 more days)

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