My Dad

Steve W3HF

Please forgive the off-topic post, but so many of you have expressed
your good wishes that I felt it was easier to update everyone

Dad had a leaky coronary valve, and the doctors went in not sure if
they would be able to repair it, or if they would have to replace it
completely. They found his heart in very good condition for a 73-year-
old, and were able to successfully repair it. (The doctors felt this
was much better, as there is no chance for rejection if they used his
own tissue.)

Surgery started at about 9:00 this morning (1300z), and he was in the
recovery room as of 2:00 local time (1800z), still sedated. We were
able to see him, but he was still not yet conscious. We'll be heading
back to the hospital in an hour or so.

Thanks again for your concern.


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