Re: W3HF/KH2 operations

Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

Hi Steve
Just wanted to say that I, for one, really appreciate what you're doing, and hoping that maybe we can work at about 12:00 UTC on Sunday morning. I am thinking we may have some grey line between us, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.
73 de Joe KJ8O PODXS070 #1244

From: melachri <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 3:54 PM
Subject: [070] W3HF/KH2 operations

I just wanted to mention that since I do have internet access while at the shack, please feel free to email me directly. I'm not very familiar with the vagaries of propagation from KH2, so I may not always have chosen the best band or antenna position for any given contact. But I'm almost always willing to move the antenna or even QSY if you think we could make a contact if I changed something. (This is especially true if we've never had a QSO, so this would count as a LONP point for me!) The only exception to this would be if I were running a well-behaved pileup--I'd feel guilty about dropping out unexpectedly in that case.

I still plan to be on the island for about 9 more days, so there are lots of opportunities left. I just can't predict what actual time will be available on any given day due to my work schedule.


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