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Jim Rogers <w4atk@...>

When I was there in the 50's (53-55 US Naval Communications Station) we had no snakes on the island, just very big lizards! They would catch you by surprise but were absolutely harmless. Enjoy you visit. We had a club station, KG6AAY, with an old RCA RC=99 Receiver and a much modified BC-610 transmitter. If you find my old Heathkit AT-1 I forgot to pack when I left, please pick it up for me. :-))

73s Jim, W4ATK

On Apr 17, 2012, at 6:04 AM, melachri wrote:

Arrived on the island about two hours ago. Muggy and rainy, but no sightings of brown tree snakes yet.

After 26 hours of traveling (door-to-door, my house to the hotel, including about 18 in the air), I'm going to get some rest now before getting up for work in the morning. I hope to be at the station tomorrow night local time. If I've done the math right, that will be about 1000z.

I hope to be able to post on the reflector when I'm actually there.


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