A moment of silence, please...

Charlie Trice, K8IJ <ctrice@...>

Greetings all,

I am happy to report the successful March mailing of PODXS Ø7Ø Club enodorsement and LONP stickers. However, I do bring sad, sad news in contrast to the good news of the mailing.

For many years I have handled the endorsements for our fine Club. And for the past, oh - 5 years or so, have used a Silver Shoe Box, the "SSB" as I affectionately called it, to hold the members' envelopes. Today I must report the passing of the SSB.

"He" (the SSB) had been showing some signs of wear lately. He'd been glued, stapled, heck - I used some good ol' duct tape on 'im, too. But today was his last hoo-rah. We made the run to the Alexandria, KY Post Office hoping to find Dorothy behind the counter. She wasn't there today, but Jason was. Jason is a nice young man, always friendly and cheerful.

I transferred the precious contents of the SSB into Jason's waiting hands, fully trusting him with all the spoils of our membership's on-the-air labors over the past 3 months. Jason treated the many small white envelopes with the utmost of respect and care. And then he noticed the SSB.

"Say Charlie, your box is looking really ratty", Jason said somberly.

I nodded and rubbed the side of the SSB. And then I knew. It was time. Time to let him go. He had lived a fine, fine life. Not a life just as his original intent, but one with a higher purpose - working for the PODXS Ø7Ø Club's membership. He will be missed.

Jason, a member of the choir at church, saw a wee tear in me eye and had a few comforting words. (He's dating the choir director and now has to be a member of the choir.)

Well - enough of the sadness, on to the gladness: the March Mailing is on the way! If, after a few days, you don't receive what you were expecting, please drop me an email directly to k8ij@arrl.net and I'll fix you up and offer a big apology.

The Endorsements/LONP Inbox will be closed for about a week as I rocket off on business then return to restock for the next quarter.

When you receive your small white envelope you might consider a brief "Long live the SSB!"

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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