Re: script to update your fldigi's cty.dat, AGMemberList.txt and lotw1.txt files for Linux

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Yes! It work very well :)

I'm using Ubuntu 11.10.

I had to install curl in my system, this is my only comment.

Good script to put in my crontab.
You know, I had sort of an epiphany regarding the missing curl, and fixed it yesterday... so this new version checks for curl and fails if it is missing. I use fedora so at the moment, two distros checked..

regarding crontab, indeed, checking once a week or every 3 days will be nice.


73 de LW3ESH


El 30 de marzo de 2012 22:25, hc6ep <ecualinux@...> escribi�:


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Good work epe!

I'm trying this!

73 de LW3ESH

wow, that was fast federico! Thanks... did it work? Which Linux Disto are
you using?


El 30 de marzo de 2012 22:06, hc6ep <ecualinux@> escribi�:


ok, the listserver removed the attached file.. I have uploaded to my
website, it can be reached from here:


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Im HC6EP, Epe and would like to share a small script for those of us
using Linux and fldigi for Linux.

I find anoying whenever I have to update my help files (cty.dat,
AGMemberList.txt and lotw1.txt) for fldigi

This script updates cty.dat, AGMemberList.txt and lotw1.txt files
located under your ~/.fldigi directory.

hope you enjoy it.

How to use it?
Rember it is for Linux, you have to have installed fldigi already as
the ~/.fldigi directory must exists.

Save the attached file as into your home dir and then
execute it via shell:


QRX for some seconds and voil�! your help files will be updated.

may run it as many times as you wish but dont abuse, run it every day
or two.

comments and changes will be appreciated.

Hpe to CU tonight in the waterfall.
73 de Epe

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