TDW Bonus Stations

Bob N3PPH <rsheskin@...>

I want to put out an early request for stations that would like to be a
bonus station for this year's TDW May 25 - May27. Last year's Top Dog Chuck
N2EOC has already agreed and will have the East Coast covered. I will need
stations for the Midwest, West Coast and a DX station. I would like to give
someone new a chance so if you have been a bonus station before thank you
for that but let's give a new person a shot at managing pile-ups. I am doing
this early to give people time to check their calendars and make sure the
weekend is clear to operate. Since you as a Bonus Station will be the center
of attention I need people that are committed to work the whole contest. I
do not mean 24/7 but a good full time effort. Think about it and be ready to
let me know, I plan on making the formal request around the second week of
April so we will have 31 Flavors done and in the logs. At that time I will
provide an email address for your requests.

070 - 853
TDW Boss

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