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April Fool's, right Ivor?

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"Wiltshire based radio enthusiast and short-wave listener Michael Tapper in
conjunction with a leading UK specialist paint manufacturer comes news of a
new conductive paint for all types of aluminium aerials. The product aimed
at commercial and amateur radio users in the 50MHz to 1296MHz part of the
spectrum, will be available through local branches of well known High Street
store within the next month. A spokesman for the developer stated "this is
truly an outstanding substance providing enormous improvement in both
transmit and received radio signals". In tests on aerials treated with
Alupaint, background noise was reduced by up to 20% and antenna gain
improved by up to 2.15 dbi. Mike Tapper a paint technologist developed paint
and submitted a Patent around 10 years ago, but until recently had could not
raise commercial interest in fine tuning the Alupaint. Mike will be
launching a website soon and will be confirming the retail outlet where the
paint can be purchased."


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