Re: Any 070 members using Club log?

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

I am 1 of the 2 moderators for the Kansas City DX Club on CL , and all it takes is to click 1 time to approve/decline a request.
To verify that the applying person is a member, a current membership list comes in handy.
A request will show up in your email inbox, click the link, and approve. that's all.
Again FYI, for the moderator: Log in CL, click "Settings", than click on the "administration" tab.
Now you'll be able to see : number of members, number of pending members, and an option to edit members.

Even though it is a simple process, I recommend to start with 2 moderators. ( also vy simple process) The initial wave of requests is probably going to be high with the great number of 070 club members out there.
If anyone has any questions about CL, feel free to email me direct.

73 John KC0DEB #069

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 16:50:30 +0000
Subject: [070] Re: Any 070 members using Club log?

If the PODXS 070 was put onto this site , how hard is it to maintain for the person that was in charge, any one know? Is it something automated not much fuss or does it take someone that has too put lots of input into, like being a moderator to yahoo group type of thing or not?

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The site will take a standard ADIF export file as well. Easy as Pi ... ;>)
- 73 de Mike, K6MKF
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(and as a bonus if you use DXKeeper, it supports easy uploading)
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I am not familiar with Club Log. Any more info. A link to it?
Bill ab9qu
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Clublog ready also here
Check out the 070 Club website at <> for the latest
information on 070 Club activities.
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