Re: Any 070 members using Club log?

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

I am a Club Log user... Let's get 070 on there!

I motivated the members of the Kansas City Dx Club to join recently, and it has been very interesting to see where you stack up against other Clubs, and amongst your own members...
As a Club Log moderator for the KCDXC, I recommend to assign 2 or more moderators for approving members, as it speeds up the process of joining.

John KC0DEB #069

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 11:23:52 +0000
Subject: [070] Any 070 members using Club log?

I was digging around trying to figure out why the 070 club was not listed on the Club log webpage and ran across this.

Clubs are what Club Log is all about - the clue is in the name! Club Log was designed to enable, in fact to encourage club activity and friendly competition between club members through its league tables and charts. For this reason, yes, it's very likely your club can be added to Club Log.

However, clubs consume resources and slow down Club Log, so there are two criteria for qualifying clubs. Qualifying clubs have:

At least 10 members already using Club Log;

A nominated contact - someone who is already registered in Club Log and can manage membership requests.

Once you've got these in place, please email Michael and your club will be added.

I was wondering what we could do to make that happen? I notice the the DMG and 30MDG are on there already.



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