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these issues should be clear BEFORE a contest. Putting a particular 'spin' or interpretation on it AFTER the fact is meaningless. Saying 'spirit' left everything open to interpretation.
(but I do like Milt's opinion !!)
73, TK, K7TRK

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I guess we have this conversation every year. See

and the responses.

Here's my take. Remember that it's unofficial, as I'm no longer the official 070 Rules Maven.

Note that the contest rules say "In the same spirit of the Word Of The Month Challenges." So let's refer to the WOTM rules. They say:

"A callsign can be used only 1 time for a monthly submission wih multiple occurrences of a letter (so for February's "COAXIAL CABLE" you must work 2 different stations with the Suffix Letter "C")."

So it's clear that for WOTM, a callsign can only be used once even if there are multiple words. I believe that "the spirit of the rules" as applied to the contest would imply that a single callsign can only be used once for the multiple words required for the contest bonus.

As a result, spelling ERIN, GO, and BRAGH require, respectively, 4,2, and 5 QSOs with unique stations, none of which can be reused for another word, for a total of 11 QSOs with 11 separate and distinct stations to claim the 200 point "bonus bonus."

Now I will admit that the reference to WOTM is not perfect as WOTM does not give partial credit for spelling individual words, as the contest does. (Hint to management coming.) So maybe the contest rules could be tweaked by adding something like:

"Note that a single callsign can only be used once anywhere in the phrase Erin Go Bragh, even if credit for only two words is claimed."

But I do believe that the above is both the intent of the club and the reasonable interpretation of the contest rules as written.


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