Re: Re. Linux

Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Checkout There maybe
some data there on your old laptops. Also, be careful
of the modern Linux distributions even Linux
(particularly with X windows window managers) has been
tainted with s/w bloat. I know RH a while back gave up
on operating on less than 32M (if memory serves) RAM.
I don't want to discourage from trying Linux but there
are limits to the Linux magic. Linux is very
efficient with CPU power but graphics is graphics and
it does use up CPU/RAM quickly. I have copies of many
older versions so if it gets to that I can supply you
with CD's also.

---- 070@... wrote:
Hi Ernie,
You mentioned that Linux can work in some 386
computers. I have two
old 386 notebook computers that I dont hardly use
anymore because they wont
run Win-95 or better. Will they run Linux? It
would be nice to have a
truly portable PSK station.

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