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Ernest Stracener <ds3@...>

Thanks for the encouragement, Jack. That's the nice thing about linux...the
license allows anyone to give copies away for free or for a nominal
reproduction charge....I just want to cover postage, in case 300 "070-ers"
jump into the pool at the same time! HI! I'll try to help anyone by email
that dares to try it....I'm no guru though, just having fun with new stuff
(and I have three big-honkin books that I have been wearing the covers off as
I encounter more and more new stuff). :) There are certainly problems that
people will encounter that I won't be able to help with...but linux nuts are
like hams (many are hams, actually)...they'll bend over backwards to help
someone that wants to learn.

RE: 386's laptops, linux, and psk. As I type, I am installing a precursor to
linux --called Minix--on an old Compaq 286LTE! (640Kb RAM, 40Mb HD) It won't
be able to psk has no use to me right now, but it might become a
portable logger someday. For a 386, you could load linux on it (not sure
what distribution,though), but it would probably need to be a completely
command-line interface...e.g. white text on a black background or a very
simple (ncurses) graphical probably wouldn't be pretty.

However, there IS a very simple PSK program for linux (lpsk31) that would run
in this kind of environment...I haven't tried it, but it could be an
interesting experiment, especially on a boatanchor laptop. I found mention
of linpsk31 at the site....the manual is at:

There is a site dedicated to linux on laptops of all kinds:

Could be kind of fun.... :)


On Saturday 07 September 2002 08:52 pm, JACK WEST wrote:
How very big of you to offer free-bee copies of the Linux OS system to
those who want it. I often thought I would like to TRY it, but I never
had the guts to install it.
I have Mandrake 7.2 Linux and I have read the installation docs. It
sounds do-able to me, but for serious software changes like this, it is
best to have someone to buddy with to solve the questions that come up.
I applaud you, Ernie, for pushing the Linux OS and the KPSK program.
After all, aren't we hams supposed to be experimenters and developers
besides operators? Thanks for keeping the sprit. Keep kicking me and
maybe I will try it too.

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