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Charlie Trice, K8IJ <ctrice@...>

Hi Paul,

Sure. I followed the same path you did and got the same results. So why not - it's the same person.

He's never told us this though...

Many thanks for pointing it out. I'll get around to adding the J37T callsign to the LONP member info pages. That way it'll be automatic for the LONP checker program.

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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Subject: [070] J37T

Hi Charlie
I need a little help. I just worked J37T and he gave me 070 member # 1328. I
looked him up on LONP by number and 1328 comes back to J37LR. I then did a search and both J37T and J37LR come back to Bill Nelson. Then I saw that
Bill Nelson has a Canadian callsign VE3EBN with 070 member # 1327. Both J37T and
J37LR say to QSL via VE3EBN on It appears that all 3 call signs are
assigned to the same individual. I would like to claim 1328 for LONP. Can I do
this for J37T?
Paul, NU4C 070 # 824

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