DE-xpedition, final plans

Steve W3HF

The equipment has been checked out, the car is packed, and almost
everything is ready for the trip. Only things left are to grab some
food (cold drinks and stuff for dinner) on my way out the door

For anyone that wants to find me on a map, you can look up
Concord Hills or Brandywine DE on I'll be at one of
the parks in that area. Grid square is FM29.

Unless propagation is awful, I'll plan on rotating through the bands
early on as I had suggested earlier:

20m from 0-15 after the hour
30m from 15-30 after
40m from 30-45 after
15m from 45-60 after

If there's nothing on the scheduled band, I may move on to the next
a bit early.

I hope to be there by 1800z. From 2000z to 2400z is the QRP ARCI
contest, so I will be on 20m only at that time. I encourage you to
give me a call then, even if I've worked you before, just to get the
contest QSO. Remember the contest exchange:
State/Province/Country, Name, and either ARCI member number or
your power level.

If I don't get thrown out of the park at 2400z, I will try to get back on
30m and 40m for one last time before leaving. I will probably pack
up not later than 0030z.

If anyone has any last-minute comments, requests, or suggestions,
please let me know. I will be checking my email again tomorrow
before leaving.

And if anyone has any last-SECOND issues, I will have a cell phone
with me. The number is 610-322-0653.


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