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Hi Milt, I'm sorry to hear about your finger reduction ( 'At that time, my fingers were too big for the vfo knob. I think they corrected that.')
I'm sending you the smaller straight key that K7Cleo uses (see my qrz page). Cleo thinks the lack of thumb issue reduces her speed.
Anyway, totally forgot abount Tommy's !!! the best !!
trying to Skype you tomorrow after lunch
73, Ted, K7trk, K7Cleo and K7Stella sk

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I don't personally know of anyone that's tried it with the TS-2000. I think there are a number of the guys here on the reflector that use the TS-2000 and perhaps they can share.
I played with an FT-450 one weekend and I liked the receiver. At that time, my fingers were too big for the vfo knob. I think they corrected that.
You're right about the car pool lanes on the freeways here. 85 mph is a good average speed, BUT, beware of what's in front of you?...Ha! Beware of what's coming up fast behind you. My current taste's are for Tommye's and Carl's Jr.
Hasta pronto amigo y 73,

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thanks for that insight, Milt.
From what I have been reading on various groups, the Yaesu FT-450 apparently has the 5 60m frequencies designed into the radio. It may be a simple firmware update to get them out here, but nothing heard from Yaesu as of yet. I would be reluctant to mod my TS-2000, but my 450 may get into play here...hmmmm

Thanks again, Oh Wise One from the Federated Villages of Close to East LA via The Ever Popular 210 Freeway (ah, how I miss the 210 car pool lane...if you are not doing 85mph+, they will punt you right into one of the 150+ Del Taco drive ins that border the 210...but I digress)

73, via con Dios

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Hi Ted,
I can't speak as a "Wise One", as the 60m bug just hasn't bit here.
There are many of the newer radio's that have the 60 meter band installed, but many more older rigs that don't have that capability. I will caution those with radio's that have to be "freebanded", or have a so-called MARS/CAP mod done in order to xmit on 60 meters.
A question to ask yourself when doing these mods? What IF will my radio be using for xmit? There's a 7 mHz IF...there's a 3.5 mHz IF. Neither are all that efficient on 5.4 mHz. Where does the inefficiency go? Up in heat!
I don't know of a solution to that. I don't know if there is a solution
My point? Be aware of the consequences of modifying your transceiver to cover 60 meters.
LONP 076

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well, on March 5, its open season..

is anyone planning on trying? If so, thoughts on operating, propagation, etc. I can mod my TS-2000 to get there but it has to be worth the effort first. Let's hear some thoughts from the Wise Ones..

73, Ted, K7TRK

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