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Hi Ted,
I can't speak as a "Wise One", as the 60m bug just hasn't bit here.
There are many of the newer radio's that have the 60 meter band installed, but many more older rigs that don't have that capability. I will caution those with radio's that have to be "freebanded", or have a so-called MARS/CAP mod done in order to xmit on 60 meters.
A question to ask yourself when doing these mods? What IF will my radio be using for xmit? There's a 7 mHz IF...there's a 3.5 mHz IF. Neither are all that efficient on 5.4 mHz. Where does the inefficiency go? Up in heat!
I don't know of a solution to that. I don't know if there is a solution
My point? Be aware of the consequences of modifying your transceiver to cover 60 meters.
LONP 076

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well, on March 5, its open season..
is anyone planning on trying? If so, thoughts on operating, propagation, etc. I can mod my TS-2000 to get there but it has to be worth the effort first. Let's hear some thoughts from the Wise Ones..
73, Ted, K7TRK

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