News on 60m Digital coming privilages


I received the following from The Daily DX, a publication I subscribe to. It's reprinted here through the courtesy of, and with the full permission of "The Daily DX" and it's publisher, W3UR, Bernie.

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Subject: [The Daily DX] ARRL Publishes New Guidelines for 60 Meters

The following is from the ARRL Website:

Thanks to the FCC Report and Order issued November 18, 2011, amateurs
will enjoy a number of new privileges on the 60 meter band beginning
March 5, including a boost in effective radiated power from 50 to 100
as well as the ability to use CW and certain digital modes.

Late last year, the ARRL HF Band Planning committee surveyed 60 meter
operators to gather opinions about how to best use the new privileges.
On the subject of creating a specific band plan, the survey results
indicated little consensus beyond the fact that 5403.5 kHz should
its status as a de facto "DX channel." On the other hand, survey
respondents made a number of suggestions for general operating

Based on the survey results and subsequent research, the committee
declined to propose a specific band plan for 60 meters at this time.
committee instead created a "Recommended Practices" document that is
Meters%20-%20Version%206_4.pdf) for downloading from the ARRL Web. The
60 Meter pages ( on the ARRL Web will
also be updated to reflect the changes brought about by the Report and

The April issue of QST magazine will also include an article by ARRL
Regulatory Information Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND, which offers a
detailed discussion of the new 60 meter privileges and recommended
operating practices.

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