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This is interesting to follow. I use MixW 2.19, and have not upgraded as 2.19 is suiting my needs quite well. I tried some of the upgrades and spent about 8 hours getting back to 2.19 the way I had it set up.
The deciding factors?
The MixW icons.
The K1PGV MixW macro buttons. I have that downloaded into several different directories so I can use a seperate set for contests, band changing, etc.
The ability to change the colors of the waterfall. I've come out with different waterfalls than the standard MixW colors. I can see more traces with mine.
Please keep us posted as to what you find?
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I use Mixw 3.xx for my digi modes and use the 070 icons to alert me of an 070 member or lonp question is does fligi have such a feature. I have been thinking of trying it. I have recently been looking at DXLab suite and I am very inpressed with it. Both digi programs have 3rd party interfaces with dxkeeper.

thanks 73

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