Assistance needed: K3, SignaLink USB and HRD


Anyone using the following combination?

K3, SignaLink and HRD? I have been using and Icom IC-703, SignaLink USB and
HRD since I got licensed in Oct 2011. I recently just got my new radio and
I'm very pleased with it so far, but I'm having some setup issues. I got it
configured, I can send out the PTT light comes on (SignaLink) the waterfall
does what I would expect,the TX light comes on the K3, it finishes, the PTT
light goes off, but the TX light never goes off on the K3. If I press the
XMIT button ending the TX, then it goes off. But, I was not getting anyone
to come back to me or anyone returning my CQs. So I was wondering if I was
actually going out.

Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I've searched multiple sites
and archives.

- -
73 de Bryon/W7RIV

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