Re: 6 meter Aurora QPSK anyone?

Steve W3HF

Hi All,
6 meters is open with strong (SSB) sigs now. Anyone wanna try for the
first QPSK aurora contact?

I'm out here now, beamed north at 75 watts. on 50.291.0

Jay - AA8QQ
Jay -

I'd be very surprised if you could make a successful PSK contact
using auroral propagation. I think aurora would have significant
phase distortion. In fact, I think that may be part of the "ghosty"
sound quality that is heard on the SSB signals.

The problem is that the P in PSK stands for Phase, so phase
distortion will destroy the information in the signal. It would be like
the strong polar signals we sometimes see--lots of power, but no
copy because of distortion.

For these channels I would expect MFSK to be much more
effective. MFSK, like the FSK that underlies RTTY, depends only
on receiving power in small frequency bands. Distortion within
those bands doesn't matter, as long as the frequencies are not
shifted. So they are immune to phase-distorted channels.


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